Many of Loes Botman’s drawings are available as reproductions. Each reproduction can be printed on a different material. For example on canvas, high-quality paper or aluminium. You can order the reproduction in any size you like. Everything adapted to your wishes.

Reproductions on paper come without frames. The customer must frame them themselves. In this example, the drawing on paper is framed into a passe-partout and a narrow aluminium frame. The drawing in the middle has been printed on canvas and stretched onto a frame. The drawing on the right has been printed on aluminium and finished with a hanging system.

Paper and passe-partout



Here you can see all drawings that are available as reproductions. If you would like to order a reproduction, please click on International Graphic’s website.

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International Graphics is responsible for the reproductions of Loes Botman’s works. If you have any questions please contact Loes Botman. You can contact her here. Loes Botman is more than happy to assist you in ordering your reproduction.