On all delivered information like text and footage, measures is spended much care.

Nontheless can loesbotman.nl do not liability incompletenesses accept for possible incorrect present day or for the consequences of the use thereof.

Already the word and footage on this site ownership is of loesbotman.Nl. Without written permission is allowed to nothing make thereof use.

Privacy statement

loesbotman.nl appreciates the remote faithful that you in us stelet and therefore are dealt vitally carefully with your data.

loesbotman.nl respects the privacy of all users of her site and recites there care that the personal information that us supplies confidential is discussed.

We use your data to let the delivery so quickly and readily possible expire. For the remaining willing we these data only use with your permission. This hands in you yourself through the news letter to want to receive. loesbotman.nl will not your personal data on harmed sales and will this only on harmed to disposal put that involved in executing of your order. Through loesbotman.Nl turned on harmed his mandatory to respect the confidence of your data.

loesbotman.nl uses the sampled data her customers to supply the next services.

* If you place an order, we have your name, e-mail address, address and payment data necessary your order to execute and you to hold the turnover thereof informed.

* With your permission (subscribe for the news letter) uses we your data to inform you over the development of the website and over special actions. If you set up here no longer price, you can unsubscribe yourself simply for the news letter.

* If you in loesbotman.Nl an account produces, then strike we information on like your name and address, telephone number, e-mail address, address and payment account, so that you this do not in every new order need to fill in.

* The feedback that we receive from our visitors help us to develop our site further on.

General conditions Loes Botman

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Securely and reliable

Buy in loesbotman.nl is simply and clear. But you want to know also where you on towards are as you disappoint receive from your buying. Read therefore first the conditions.

1 Realization agreement

1.1 All tenderings of loesbotman.nl are free of obligations. loesbotman.nl has the right to change prices, particularly when that based on (legal) regimen necessary is.

1.2 An agreement comes just to existence as loesbotman.nl your order has accepted. loesbotman.nl has motivated this straight orders to fail or particular conditions with the shipment to connect. If your order is not accepted, you get there in ten workdays message.

1.3 In case on your buying shipment conditions applicable his then that stipulations will diverge from, which the stipulations like mentioned in these conditions.

2 Shipments? As soon as possible?

2.1 loesbotman.nl tries there your order in 5 workdays (after reception of this entire invoice amount, payment view in 7 days after invoice date), to supply. View will be dawn your order in 30 supplied.

Your order will be dawn view in 30 supplied. Is not this possible (order no more on stock) or there is another reason of delay or an order cannot be executed. Then you receive in 1 monthly message after placement of the order. You have in that case right to annul the order without costs. loesbotman.nl backfills the paid amount, exclusive shipping costs, view in 14 days on you.

2.2 loesbotman.nl does never part shipments.

2.3 The customer accepts always the means of transport that through loesbotman.nl is specifically.

2.4 The articles are delivered on the address that through the buyer is given on the establishment form.

2.5 loesbotman.nl guesses you on the supplied goods to inspect directly after reception. Lacks of the goods must report you in writing.

2.6 Mail of goods takes place on risk of the buyer.

3 How is the price construction? How can I pay?

3.1 Purchasing via loesbotman.nl knows you exactly what you buy and what you before paid. The prices are including VAT, wrapping costs and accounts costs. Exclusive shipping costs. In the overview of payment the shipping costs are stated that on your pack applicable his.

3.2 You can yourly orderred articles pay through transfer on Girobank account on name of Loes Botman Kunstenares ‘s Gravenhage with mention of the invoice number

3.3 The total invoice amount serves absolutely in 7 days too are satisfied.

3.4 When you do not timely and entire have paid loesbotman.nl has the right to disband the agreement.

3.5 The invoice you receive via the mail. Preserve the mail well, as you want to return the articles.

4 Not Well – Money back

4.1Would you regret have of your buying than pitcher you in 7 dawn after reception return. From the day after reception.

4.2 The article must in the original state and did not in spoil wrapping are sent back with invoice.

You are responsible for loss and damage. The costs for this retourzenden are for you. Care also about a proof of shipment. After this gerouterneerde article in us is are arrived loesbotman.Nl evaluation decide or you right has received on back of this purchase price. Is everything in good order then is arrived the amount (exclusive shipping costs) in 14 days to you paid.

4.3 Packages that sufficient are not are prepaid taken well in treatment. It is to little paid amount tossed off of this retoubedrag.

4.4 Restrictions will be stated or lockouts of the visibility term clearly in the supply.

5 Everythings over liability

5.1 On all delivered information like text and footage, measures is spended much care.

Nontheless can loesbotman.nl do not liability incompletenesses accept for possible incorrect present day or for the consequences of the use thereof.

5.2 Could loesbotman.nl nevertheless account for, then is that limited to the amount of the article.

5.3 All articles are with big exactness cloaked. Possible damage does not resort or loss during transport under our responsibility.

5.4 shipments take place through a remote nourishment that loesbotman.nl has chosen.

5.5 loesbotman.nl does not few mode account for for delay of the supply.

6 Guaranteed privacies

6.1 loesbotman.nl uses your personal data only to process your order.

6.2 Data are not provided on thirds. Alone one that responsible be to deliver your order are confessed thus.

6.3 Your personal data are stocked in our customer file and only uses for own promotional-purposes via e-mail or postal.And only as you have marked the news letter to want to receive.

6.4 loesbotman.Nl complies in the use of your personal data conform the relevant legislation.

7 Knowledgeable with complaints

7.1 Maybe you are not happy over a product. Include then as soon as possible contact with us, per e-mail: Loes@loesbotman.nl. Within 30 days wewill react to your complain.

8. Course conditions

8.1 Registration and payment

Participation in a workshop or course is only final once your payment has been received. If you have registered, but the payment is not made within 48 hours before the start of the workshop or course on the bank account of Loes Botman, the registration will expire.
Workshops and courses will only take place if there are sufficient registrations. If a workshop or course does not take place, you will be informed by e-mail at the latest 1 day before the workshop or course starts. Of course you will receive the paid amount for participation back.

8.2 Cancellation and cancellation

Loes Botman reserves the right to cancel a course or workshop at any time. I will do everything in my power to prevent this from happening, but when this happens the registered participants of the workshop/course in question will be refunded the amount paid.
In the unlikely event that you are unable to attend, you can unsubscribe up to two weeks before the start of the course. In that case we have to charge you € 10,00.
If you unsubscribe within two weeks before the start of the course, we will be obliged to charge you half of the course amount.
If you cancel on the day of the course, you will owe the full amount.

8.3 Liability

During the workshops and courses we sometimes work with materials that can deposit on your clothing or belongings. You are responsible for this. So take into account the clothes you put on.
Loes Botman accepts no liability for personal injury or damage to property of participants, nor any liability for events during the workshops or courses.